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Date Research Question / Title Unique ID Research Team
April 21, 2021 What are the risks or benefits of extended intervals between doses of COVID-19 vaccines compared to recommended dosing in extremely vulnerable populations? EOC210302 RR Table EOC
July 12, 2021 What are long COVID's demands on the healthcare system, and its severity of the illness? EPM210602 RR Table Epidemiology & Modelling
December 26, 2021 How effective are COVID-19 vaccines? INF031801v019 RR Table Infectious Disease
February 10, 2022 What is the (case) definition of hospitalization for COVID-19 in similar jurisdictions? CAC220101 RR Table Clinical/Acute Care
March 18, 2022 What is the incidence and duration of long COVID cases? EPM210601v2 RR Table Epidemiology & Modelling