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Date Research Question / Title Unique ID Research Team
December 9, 2020 What are the predictors of mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients? CC120402 RR Critical Care
February 27, 2021 What is the final disposition of post-COVID patients who require chronic ventilation in the ICU? CC011101 RR Critical Care
October 29, 2021 Long COVID: What does it mean for the healthcare system and programs to deal with it? EOC021901v2 RR EOC
March 31, 2022 What is the incidence and duration of long COVID cases? EPM210601v2 RR Epidemiology & Modelling
June 20, 2022 What are long COVID's demands on the healthcare system, and its severity of the illness? EPM210602v002 RR Epidemiology & Modelling